Waking up and looking forward to putting on your favourite pair of socks. You just know you will rock your teammates socks off! Trying to win doesn't look as hard anymore. We give your team an indentity and confidence. With colourful ingredients we try to bring happiness and fun to all kinds of sports. Hingly socks are crafted with an eye for detail and bringing diversity in our designs. The best and coolest socks in sport!


Hingly socks are more than just fun and colourful socks to wear. The yarn we use for our socks have special features that will ensure you of wearing the perfect socks for any game of sport.


The Elastic board will keep your sock from sliding down. We ensure that shin guards fit perfectly into your Hingly socks. The elastic woven ankle offers good support and ensures that shin guards stay in place.


The Foot is made of Polycolon, a special hi-tec fiber. This light fiber maintains your body's performance and dries very fast, by wicking moisure away from your foot.